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There are 4 Prizes for the best ideas during the hackathon:

1) Public audience choice
2) Most innovationial idea
3) Best technically idea
4) Highest Brain Activity during the pitch

and many more packages for our participants including support while funding a start-up.

All winning teams will be awarded prices from our sponsors and friends.

Amongst others, we are able to give away ten one year subscriptions of Technology Review the innovators magazine. Technology Review will also provide the opportunity to get a wildcard presentation at their Innovator’s Summit in Berlin.

Adidas will provide sporting activity goods for our winning teams that will guarantee a long lasting remembrance of

Our friends at Audi open up their treasure vault and will provide signature Audi giveaways which will not only blow the automotive enthusiast’s minds.

 More ready to go prices will be announced shortly.

For those of the winning teams that decide to take their idea to the next level and found a company there is even more waiting such as colocation, individual support, peer-mentoring, business consulting and cold hard cash for those who qualify.

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