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Tobias D. Gantner

MD, PhD, MBA, LL. M., Founder & CEO | HealthCare Futurists GmbH

Karlheinz Eberts

Marketing | Generali

Martin Preusse

Partner | Neo4j

Werner Sulzbach

Dipl.-Chem., Patent Attorney | European Patent and Trademark Attorney

Marco Maier

Head of AI | HYVE AG

Eva Leonhard

Master of Arts | 'Advanced Design'

Philipp Heiler

Medical Doctor, CEO | brainboost Neurofeedback

Elmar B. Götz

Partner | WP Force Solutions GmbH

Bernd Klosterkemper

Investment Director | Ananda Ventures

Daniela Amann

Geschäftsbereichsleiterin Kundenbindung & Versorgung | Schwenninger Krankenkasse

Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Marka

Gründer | Doc Marka

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